Fine-tuned Generative AI for European Markets


Cortex Fabric unites top AI talents to develop advanced generative models.
Specializing in the creation of Large Language Models (LLMs), our focus is on developing AI-driven tools for the European markets.

These tools are designed to transform business communication, elevate service quality, and position our clients as industry frontrunners in Europe.
Our commitment is to technological innovation, delivering cutting-edge, scalable AI products that redefine how businesses engage in the European linguistic landscape.

Our Team

Meet the people behind our company.

Team Member 1

Peter Exner

Co-Founder and CEO

Peter received his PhD in AI/NLP from Lund University, where he applied BigData techniques to develop NLP tools for under-served languages. His practical work in applied research at Sony has led to over 40 patents, especially in AI, IoT, and space technologies.

Team Member 2

Jim Rasmusson


Jim brings over three decades of industry and academic experience. He is the Inventor/Co-inventor of 200+ patents and has made numerous significant contributions in the technical fields of AI, deep learning, and most areas of multimedia signal processing. He holds a PostGrad Licentiate degree in Computer Graphics and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, both from Lund University in Sweden.

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